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Early Childhood Education
Consistent with traditional Chabad teaching is the modern educational psychologists' focus on the vital role of nurseries and kindergartens in a child's development. Chabad Lubavitch nurseries are staffed by highly qualified teachers who are well placed to take on this awesome responsibility.
Chabad Lubavitch Primary Schools around the UK include those in London, Leeds and Manchester. All share the Chabad Lubavitch ethos of combining traditional Jewish values and practice with the goal of developing every facet of the pupil's skills and potential.

Education 11-18yrs
The goal of the Secondary Schools is to provide a strong Jewish education together with the full development of the educational, social and psychological potential of each pupil.
A Levels
The Sixth Forms in the Lubavitch Girls Schools aim to provide an extra dimension in education between School and Seminary.

Lubavitch Yeshivas in the UK
In the UK there are Lubavitch Yeshivas in London, Manchester and Leeds.
Training Programmes and Services
Vocational Training Services serving the London Jewish Community.
Supporting all Jewish Students
In 1982 the Lubavitch Council for Schools was set up with the goal of initiating and maintaining a Jewish level of contact with the thousands of Jewish pupils in non-Jewish schools.

Services for Children and Parents
We are the first UK Lubavitch Children’s Centre (LCC) in Stamford Hill. The LCC is a facility providing culturally sensitive child and adult services in a comfortable, welcoming and multi-lingual environment.