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The latest news stories about Chabad Lubavitch from around the UK.


 Live Broadcast: Conference Banquet of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries




Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 22:45 UK TIME



Quick Mitzvah to Unite Communities

A quick mitzvah to bring communities together.

Today I have a small but important favour to ask. In July Chabad Islington wants to hold The Big Jewish Summer Fete 2018 on Highbury Fields, which is a festival that brings the Jewish and non-Jewish community together in a celebration of Jewish culture (you can see last year’s here.)

Isllington Appeal AVIVA.png 

The Big Summer Fete has been given the chance to win £25,000 from the Aviva Community Fund to make it happen. It only takes two minutes to register and vote by clicking here. Please give all 10 of your votes to 'Islington Together - The Big Jewish Summer Fete'.

If you have an extra 30 seconds, please also share it on social media, you could say:

“A really easy good… Read More »

New centre opens in Radlett

High street location will enhance work of the organisation

Lubavitch’s high street premises in Radlett opened with a display of inter-denominational unity.

Radlett Bayit Opening.jpg 

Located prominently in the former Post Office building, the centre offers visitors hot drink and kosher snack options to eat in or take away. They can also browse or buy Judaica and gifts.

The premises will additionally be used for after-school clubs and informal courses and discussion groups for children and teenagers.

Rabbi Sendy Dubrawsky, who heads the centre, thanked the many people who had helped to make it a reality and said it would “enhance the community of Radlett and beyond”.

Radlett United officer Dr David Glover wished Rabbi Dubrawsky and… Read More »

Sukkah in the Square

This year, the Sukkah in the Square was as successful as ever. In partnership with Deloitte, Weil, TaylorWessing, Linklaters, Mishcon De Reya, The PR Office, Charles Russell Speechlys, and Hogan Lovells, Chabad Lubavitch UK were proud to build the Sukkah in the Square, (located in New Street Square EC4), for the seventh year in a row.

Sukkah 1.jpg 

On the Monday of Chol Hamoed, a lunch sponsored by Deloitte & Weil was held for over 400 city workers and on Tuesday, thanks to an anonymous sponsor, a Sushi Lunch was offered to a similar number.

Guest of Honour was Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis who said that such a publicly located Sukkah is “a wonderful celebration of the mitzvah… allowing people to show pride in our… Read More »

Yom Kippur Without Guilt

From the Chabad Magazine:

"I want to know, what does the process of examining one's past deeds undertake for someone who abandoned a religious lifestyle because she was abused by the authority figures of that system?

Yom Kippur Article.jpg 

Or someone who grew up in a world where there was no moral standard, and just now is starting out on a path guided by Torah and mitzvahs?

Or for someone struggling with trauma or depression? Someone who already feels rotten about herself?

In all these cases, beating your chest and crying out, “I have sinned! I have sinned! Forgive me!” seems a mockery at best, and could even be self-abusive.


Alumni in Focus: New Centre in Sudbury MA

During a mid-winter night in 2006, shortly after Rabbi Yisroel and Shayna Freeman moved to Sudbury (outside Boston, USA) to open a Chabad centre, the rabbi woke, chilled to the bone. In the morning, he discovered he’d left their front door wide open.

Chabad of Sudbury 1.jpg 

That open door became both a metaphor and a guiding philosophy for the co-directors of Chabad of Sudbury—about 30 minutes due west of Boston—as it has for Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries around the world. And it eventually led them to the establishment of a brand-new building, based on welcoming local Jewish residents of all ages to pray, learn and celebrate the beauty of their traditions and of Jewish history.

The grand opening of the new… Read More »

Photo of the Week

Fire Alarm Doesn't Stop pre-Yom Kippur Shiur in the City! 

 Fire Alarm Shiur.jpg

Sukkah in the City

Please join us at our Sukkah, New Street Square London EC4 from 9th to 11th October.

There will be 'something for everyone' and we are particularly honoured to have Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis as our honoured guest  on Monday 9th October. Please see below for full details.

Sukkah in the City Invite.jpg 

Chabad in the News #3

Following on from the recent UK JLI Conference which will see the world's flagship Jewish education programme rolled out fully across the UK this autumn there was an excellent piece of coverage in this week's JC also. For full details of the courses on offer please click here

The JC - JLI Profile 15 September.jpg

Chabad in the News #2

Yet another amazing story. This time about Chabad's relief efforts on St Martin in the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Kol Hakavod to Rabbi Moishe & Sara Chanowitz.

The JC - Hurricane Irma - 15 Sept.jpg 

Chabad in the News #1

Chabad Lubavitch UK has significantly expanded its outreach in London, opening four new branches over the past year in different parts of the capital, with another on its way in Epping. See below for the full story as covered by The JC.

The JC - Four-midable Additions 8 Sept 2017.jpg

WhatsApp & Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey.jpg

Undoubtedly the ‘news story of the week’ is the tragedy that unfolded in Texas in the wake of ‘Harvey’ – the first major hurricane to hit the USA since 2005 – that dumped more than 1 metre of water over eastern Texas and displaced more than 30,000 people inside 4 days. At the latest count 47 people have sadly lost their lives.

It is, when issues of this magnitude arise, that the depth of the human spirit can be felt most. Take for example this one situation:

- Via WhatsApp a woman from Houston sends a message to her daughter-in-law in London that she is stuck with limited food, in rising water with no help coming from the rescue services

- Her daughter-in-law calls a Chabad House in London

- The… Read More »

Camp Gan Israel: UK's Largest Jewish Youth Network


Once again, summertime in the UK – within the Jewish Community at least – has been enhanced by the presence of Camp Gan Israel in every major locale, including Edgware, Golders Green, Ilford, Leeds, Manchester & Wimbledon in addition to overnight camps in Mid and South Wales. 12 day-camps & 2 overnight camps are currently in full swing.

Under the guidance of more than 50 dedicated and hard-working youth leaders from all over the world and of course local Shluchim some 2,000 children have been enjoying a full schedule of activities, trips, sports, games and crafts – all provided in non-judgemental environment. Hot lunches, drinks and snacks are all included. One of the camps alone has gone through 700… Read More »

Chabad of Radlett on the Move

Provision for the burgeoning Radlett community will be increased with the opening of a new Chabad Lubavitch base on the high street within the next two months.


Rabbi Sendy & Rochel Dubrawsky have been running Lubavitch of Radlett for 10 years already but this upgraded presence in the Hertfordshire suburb — where Jews account for almost a third of the population — will offer coffee and kosher snacks during the day. Visitors will also be able to browse and buy a variety of Judaica and gifts.

It will additionally house youth programmes, including after-school clubs and informal courses, and evening events and educational sessions.

“The new place is intended to be a welcoming space for all Jews, with… Read More »

Words, Wickedness, and Charlottesville

In classic Judaic philosophy, worldly existence is divided into four strata: The inanimate, the growing (vegetative), the living (animal life) and the speaking (human).

Words, Wickedness, and Charlottesville.jpg 

It seems curious that we do not describe the human as “thinker” or “engineer” or by any other quality that humans exclusively possess.

The answer seems to be that the true potential of humanity, for good or evil, lies in the capacity for speech.

The individual human can accomplish but little. All the accomplishments and disasters wrought by humanity are by virtue of communication.

The accomplishment of the first farmer or shepherd lay in inspiring a group of people to work together to create nutrition and raiment in a new way that one… Read More »

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