Our logo has three main elements to it



  • an alef

The Hebew letter 'alef' is rich in meaning. The design of an alef is actually made up of three different letters: the letter yud or dot above; a yud or dot below; and a diagonal vav, or line suspended in between.

The yud above represents G‑d, Who is above (or beyond) our comprehension. In com­parison to His true essence, our understanding is a mere dot.

The yud below represents a Yid or Yehudim - Jewish people who dwell here on earth. The only way that we can grasp G‑d’s wisdom - to the extent that a person is capable - is by being humble. When we realize that we are but a dot or a speck compared to the All-Mighty and All-Powerful G‑d, we become a vessel to receive His Divine wisdom.

The diagonal vav represents a Jew’s faith—which unites him with G‑d.

For more information about the various meanings of the letter 'alef' please CLICK HERE 


  • a flame

The flame is a also rife with meaning and links to a number of Jewish concepts. The flame is likened to a person - the candle wick, flame and oil resembling our body, soul and source of our ideals in the Torah and mitzvot. 

The flame surges upwards, as if to tear free from the wick and lose itself in the great expanses of energy that gird the heavens. But even as it strains heavenward, the flame is already pulling back, tightening its grip on the wick and drinking thirstily of the oil in the lamp—oil that sustains its continued existence as an individual flame. And it is this tension of conflicting energies, this vacillation from being to dissolution and back again, that produces light.

We, too, yearn for transcendence, yearn to tear free of the entanglements of material life and achieve a self-nullifying reunion with our Creator and Source. At the same time, however, we are also driven by a will to be — a will to live a physical life and make our mark upon a physical world. 


  • a dancing person

The image of a dancing person refelcts our general approach to the task at hand - through creative action we breathe life into the Jewish community.  Every activity at Chabad is permeated with the Chassidic spirit of love, joy, faith and optimism.