London 2012 Olympics had mivtzoim and special memorial cermony for murdered Israeli athletes, UK Kinus took place, dozens of Jewish Summer Camps across country.


Shluchim around the UK do awesome things, while the Sukkah in the City attracts hundreds and Pedi-Sukkah cycles around Big Ben.


Lubavitch Schools qualify for State Aid, which makes school awesome, and is then celebrated with a dedication ceremony.


London celebrated Chanukah in style with Chanukah on ice in Ilford, a Doughnut Menorah in Buckhurst Hill, Tube Station Menorah Lighting in Golders Green, MP lighting the public Menorah in NE London & Essex, a Menorah car parade in London, Public Menorah lighting in Wimbledon, and huge crowd at Chanukah in the Square. More celebrations took place across the UK including Manchester.