Nachman Sudak.JPGRabbi Nachman Sudak, Founder of Chabad Lubavitch UK,
is making an excellent recovery after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest in November 2013 while attending the Chabad Shluchim conference in New York.

For the 78-year-old head, who collapsed while davening evening prayers on 2 November, the situation looked very bleak, according to his son Rabbi Bentzi Sudak. Although the Jewish Ambulance service in New York arrived within two minutes of Rabbi Sudak collapsing, it took 25 minutes of CPR to regain his pulse. By the time he arrived at hospital, he was diagnosed with multi-organ failure. His wife, Fradel was advised to get on the next plane to come and be with him and the rest of the family came too. 

Bentzi describes how all the shluchim at the conference gathered together to pray for his father. Four days later, Rabbi Sudak started to wake up. Thanks to what can only be described as nothing short of a miracle, he had suffered no neurological damage. Bentzi said: ‘There is a less-than-10 per cent survival rate in those who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. For those that do, less than two per cent have no brain damage. What happened to my father is a story of amazing recovery. The cardiologist, who helped save him, said that it was very clear to him that G‑d had come down himself to heal my father.’

Rabbi Nachman spent five weeks in hospital followed by rehab. Eleven weeks later, he was back in London. Bentzi said: ‘The day after he arrived home, he gave the shluchim a list of all the things he wanted to do. Although he has yet to make a full recovery, he is always talking about work and hopes to regain his strength so that he can return soon. “After all,” he told me, “I didn’t come back for nothing!"

Several weeks after Rabbi Nachman’s cardiac arrest, Chabad held a dinner in New York to honour the cardiologist who had saved him.