CT3.jpgOver 1,000 teenagers from all over the world descended on Manhattan from 28 February to 2 March for the sixth and biggest CTeen Shabbaton to date. 

Young people from over 100 cities in seven countries around the world, including England, France, Austria, Finland, Israel, Canada and the United States, enjoyed the weekend of a lifetime, which included a tour of Manhattan; a Friday night Shabbat meal; a visit to the Rebbe’s resting place; and the chance to meet and ask questions to Alex Clare, a British Orthodox Jewish singer-songwriter whose single, Too Close, was a top-ten hit and nominated for a Brit Award in 2013.  

However, the highlight of the weekend, which ended with a farewell banquet on the Sunday, was the havdalah ceremony and concert in New York City’s Times Square.
A video of the Rebbe singing and leading a farbrengen was played from huge screens to the hoards of teenagers who filled the square, jumping up and down, singing and dancing as they watched. 

CT.jpgRabbi Moshe Cohen, from Chabad Lubavitch Manchester (L'chaim), who took a group of 28 boys and girls to New York, said: ‘The feeling in the square was out of this world. Every teen who was there took it all in.’ The Manchester contingent were also joined by a group of six from London. 

bi Cohen said: ‘I overheard one of the young people say to their friend, “Wouldn’t it be cool to live the whole year in a Shabbaton.” They all told me it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. The Shabbaton made these teens feel like they are one of a much larger Jewish family and many of them were facebooking their new friends from around the world before we’d even landed back in Manchester. For anyone who has participated in one of these Shabbatons, the impact is enormous.’

Plans are now in place for a Shabbaton in London, which will be taking place at the end of May this year. Click here for more information on CTeens