Invite a few friends in the comfort of your own home or office and the JHN will provide a fascinating encounter… Select a topic - or create your own - and enjoy an open and humorous discussion, in an event to remember! All in the comfort of your own home!

Jewish Encounter Groups
Select a topic for a thought-provoking discussion with a group of your friends, led by a skilled communicator.

Teen Sessions
One, two or a group of teenagers discovering there is more to Judaism. With Someone Who Knows and who cares

One-to-One Discovery
Find your way as an individual or an intimate family group in the world of Jewish teachings from Alef-Bet to Zohar.

Women in Judaism
Where is the woman in authentic Jewish experience? At the periphery or the centre? With the help of the JHN, create a women's group to explore the power of womanhood.

To arrange a class in your home, please fill out the online application form or contact:

Rabbi Menachem Junik

Address: Jewish Home Network
1007 Finchley Rd
London  NW11 7HB
Tel: 07931 559 074
E-mail: [email protected]