secondary2.jpgThere are Lubavitch Secondary Schools in London, Manchester and Leeds.

The goal of the Secondary Schools is to provide a strong Jewish education together with the full development of the educational, social and psychological potential of each pupil.

There is a focus on the nurturing of leadership qualities, and on the achievement of a sense of well-being and confidence within each pupil as an individual, combined with the strong and healthy feeling of responsibility towards others.

The success of the Lubavitch Secondary Schools is seen in the high profile of their alumni in the UK and round the world, where a significant proportion occupy positions of leadership or similar responsibility in the Jewish community.


LONDON - Stamford Hill 
Senior Girls School

Principal: Rabbi Shmuel Lew
Headteacher: Mrs Helen Freeman  Email
Head of Jewish Studies: Mrs Goldie Junik   Email
Tel:   0208 800 0022
Email: [email protected]


Leeds Menorah School
Tel: 0113 2683 390


OYY Lubavitch Girls School
Contact: Mrs Klyne
Tel: 0161 740 3752