As assimilation and Jewish apathy continue to rise at an alarming rate, the Jewish community is confronted by the increasing efforts of fundamentalist Christian missionaries. Each year, over eight hundred different missionary groups spend in excess of £200 million towards converting Jews. They utilise new, sophisticated and deceptive techniques, such as making Christianity appear Jewish, in order to attract converts.

These missionary groups are active worldwide. It is estimated that in 1998 there were over 250,000 Jews who considered themselves "Hebrew-Christians" - substantially more than the estimated 10,000 "Hebrew-Christians" in 1978.

Operation Judaism works on two fronts to combat this Missionary threat that is growing within community today. The Research Department produces fact packs, videos and booklets in answer to the missionaries misinformation. Operation Judaism sends speakers to groups of all ages and all religious affiliations to alert them of the danger of missionary approaches, and to explain how to deal with them.

In recognition and encouragement of its work, Operation Judaism is jointly managed by Lubavitch, the Board of Deputies and the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

An important part of the work of the Friends of the Small Communities is personal counselling, for individuals and families. Its director, Rabbi Y Sufrin, is an expert on the many varied cults, which have proliferated in the UK. Over the past thirty years he has helped dozens of families facing this tragic problem, and has had great success in bringing people back to normal life.

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