Sometimes we all need to indulge our quest for knowledge. What better way to grow as individuals than to spend time in the largest Jewish lending and information library in the UK?

Come along for some quality family time at our central Library at the Lubavitch Children's Centre and explore our extensive range of books English, Yiddish and Hebrew housed in a modern, relaxing and stimulating environment. 

Our onsite librarian, Mr. Zvi Rabin ALA, who has been custodian of the books for over 35 years, would be delighted to help 

you explore the 15,000 volumes of fiction, biography, history and religious texts covering a wide range of subjects including Jewish tradition, heritage and culture, as well as a well-stocked collection of books for children.   

Wherever you sit and whatever you read, you will be exceptionally comfortable, as our furniture – like the rest of the Centre – is so welcoming you won’t want to leave. 

If you can't make it for a visit, contact or experienced Librarians Zvi & Feigie Rabin on 020 8800 5823 or email [email protected] and we'll send you your book of choice in the mail, or contact your local Chabad Centre many of which have extensive libaries of their own.