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Palace Gathering Presents Opportunity to Make a Blessing

RBoo2229101.jpgThey may not have had any kosher food to eat, but Rabbi Aryeh and Devorah Sufrin were nevertheless able to make a blessing when they attended last week’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Upon seeing Queen Elizabeth II’s, whose office extended the invitation to the co-directors of Chabad-Lubavitch of Ilford, England, the pair made a special blessing thanking G-d for “giving of His glory to human beings.”

Some 8,000 people attended the July 15 Garden Party held for members of the public who work in the non-profit field. Devorah Sufrin said that she suspects their presence was in recognition of their work at Drugsline, a leading drug treatment and counseling center that Aryeh Sufrin founded in 1991.   Conti… Read More »

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