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Rabbi Addresses Politicians in Scotland's Holyrood Parliament

jacobs.jpgScotland’s only native rabbi, Rabbi Mendel Jacobs, addressed politicians at Edinburgh’s Holyrood Parliament last week.

Rabbi Jacobs, minister of Glasgow’s Shul in The Park, was invited to lead the Scottish Parliament’s Time For Reflection – a weekly address of up to four minutes by speakers drawn from Scotland’s different faith groups.

"One of the main distinguishing features of the creation of man is that man was created as a single being - unlike all other species, which were created in large numbers. That indicates emphatically that one individual has the capacity to bring the whole of creation to fulfilment," he told Members of the Scottish Parliment.

"That means," he expla… Read More »

UK Chabad Centres Welcome Students for Another University Term

jHYQ2863340.jpgIt’s back to university across the United Kingdom as students return to classes for the beginning of their summer term. Among them are an estimated 10,000 Jewish students, who last weekend began filling Shabbat tables at campus-based Chabad-Lubavitch centers on every major university in the country.

Each of the 10 Chabad Houses, having just emerged from the largest collection of Passover celebrations in recent memory, have formulated an array of programming with something for everyone, from relaxed get-to-togethers over shwarma to film screenings and one-on-one study sessions.   Continue...

Passover Campaing Brings Over 2,000 to Chabad Seders in UK

pesach ad.jpgA record number of over 2,000 attended Passover seders with Chabad in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland following a coordinated publicity campaign.

As well as the interactive and content-laden PassoverUK megasite, which was available for the third year running, Chabad emissaries throughout the United Kingdom joined together to create an advertising campaign in the lead up to the festival.

The advertisement, with the tagline "There’s a Place for You at Our Seder Table," provided readers with a link to the PassoverUK website and telephone hotline through which they could find a seder nearby and reserve a seat.

In London, large crowds of close to 1,000 people in total packed communal… Read More »

Almost 1,000 Join Expanded Chabad on Campus in UK for Passover

CfIf2859379.jpgAlthough Passover fell outside universities’ class schedules this year, campus-based Chabad-Lubavitch centres throughout the United Kingdom still had overflowing tables for the traditional Seders, with approximately 800 British Jews and Jewish visitors attending communal gatherings from Edinburgh to Leeds.

Large crowds descended on festive meals in London, where international students had their pick of community Seders. Chabad of Bloomsbury had more than 140 people on the first night of Passover, while Chabad of South Kensington hosted 90 people at Boston University’s satellite campus in the British capital.   Continue...


Sun Shines on London and Leeds as Jews Gather for Once-in-28-Years Mitzvah

hmb0032.jpgHeavy clouds and rain looked set to dash the hopes of Jews gathering in London and Leeds wishing to celebrate the once-in-28-years mitzvah of birkat hachama - thanking G-d for the sun as it returns to the position it occupied when it was created.

However, by 8am on April 8th, the skies had cleared leaving London "basking in sunshine," says Rabbi Levi Sudak, director of Lubavitch of Edgware.

The London ceremony, which took place in the grounds of London’s historic Kenwood House, attracted Jews of all ages and backgrounds from the immediate area and across the capital. The proceedings were led by Rabbi Levi Sudak and accompanied by the cantorial talents of Chazzan Avromi Freilich of Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue.

The ev… Read More »

South London Students Experience Authentic Matza Bakery

DSC00056.JPGStudents from South London took an exciting trip this week to learn how shmurah matza is made in the heart of North London’s orthodox Jewish community.

The outing to the Belzer chassidic matza bakery in Stamford Hill was the idea of Rabbi Dovid Cohen who, with his wife Sora, established Chabad of South London Campuses in 2008 to serve the needs of Jewish students on seven campuses in the south of the capital.

“I worked in a matza bakery when I was a yeshiva student in New York,” explains Rabbi Cohen. “Most people eat their matza on Passover and don’t give much thought to how it is made. When I spoke to the students about it, they were interested to see how it is done. So, I thought why not show them th… Read More »

Historic Jewish Ceremony at Kenwood House to be Broadcast Live Worldwide

kenwood.jpgTomorrow Jews around the world will undertake the once-in-28-years mitzva of Birkat Hachama - thanking G-d for the sun as it returns to the position it occupied when it was created.

To mark this rare occasion, Lubavitch of Edgware will bring together Jews from across the capital to observe the mitzva of Birkat Hachama at London's historic Kenwood House.

This won’t just be a gathering restricted to Jews in London. The London gathering will be beamed live around the world as part of a live broadcast uniting Jewish communities from East to West.

The live broadcast will begin in Christchurch, New Zealand, which will one of the first Jewish communities in the world to say the blessing at 20:00 GMT.

"To be the first to bl… Read More »

Find a Seder Near You on Interactive Passover Megasite

For its third year running, the interactive and content-laden PassoverUK website is once again available to Jews across the UK in anticipation of the coming Passover festival which begins on Wednesday April 8th.

The UK website was the brain-child of Rabbi Reuven Leigh, director of Chabad in Cambridge. “A significant number of people used the site in the past three years to find a place at a Passover seder, sell their chametz, buy matza and learn more about the festival,” says Rabbi Leigh.

A central feature of the website is a full, searchable listing of Passover sedarim throughout the UK and across the globe. The list currently includes information for over 20 locations in the UK and is growin… Read More »

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