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Over 600 people join Chabad at the new Sukkah in the City

Sukkah 3.jpgThis Sukkot Chabad Lubavitch has been welcoming people to a new Sukkah in Central London. Occupying a prominent position in the heart of the city's business and legal district, the Sukkah has been talked about all over town. Over 600 people stopped by to eat, to shake the lulav, to daven or to just see what all the fuss was about.
Sukkah 1.jpg
Large numbers gathered each day at the Sukkah including over 200 people on 2nd day Chol HaMoed for a buffet lunch sponsored by Deloitte. Mincha services attracted over 60 people each day and Chabad staff were on site throughout Chol HaMoed answering questions and explaining about Sukkot to the many people passing by.
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The project was a partnership between Chabad Lubavitch and a number of firms based in the… Read More »

Chabad to open 'Sukkah in the City' - A New Sukkah for London

323106_10150251061249229_109731039228_6882263_1272218068_o.jpgThis Sukkot, Chabad Lubavitch will be welcoming people to a new public Sukkah in New Street Square, EC4.

Occupying a prominent position in the heart of Central London's business and legal district, the Sukkah is located in a pedestrianised area close to Fleet Street and Chancery Lane.

This is the first time a Sukkah has been constructed in public space in this part of the City. The project is a partnership between Chabad Lubavitch and a number of leading firms based in the area. It has also been supported by some generous individuals. Construction began in the week before Sukkot and has now been completed. 

The Sukkah is located centrally in New Street Square, EC4. It will be open on the first day (13 Oct) of Sukkot from 2… Read More »

Over 75 people attend Chancery Lane 'Pre-Rosh Nosh'

100_1388.JPGLast Tuesday lunchtime over 75 people joined Chabad of Chancery Lane for another 'Lunch in the City' event. Jewish professionals from the area including bankers, lawyers, accountants and journalists came together for a pre-Rosh Nosh, to enjoy a tasty kosher lunch and to meet other Jewish people working in the area.

The event was made possible thanks to kind sponsorship by a couple of individuals who work in the area who would like to remain anonymous. 100_1389.JPG

Chabad in the City is Chabad UK's offices and Centre based in Chancery Lane. Kosher lunch options in the area are few and far between so it was no surprise that so many people turned up.… Read More »

Over 1200 Celebrate High Holidays with Chabad on Campus UK

Leeds_freshers.JPGMany traditional Jewish students head home for Rosh Hashanah to spend this special holiday tucked away with family leaving the forgotten few wondering where to go and what to do for the High Holidays on campus.

“I had no idea where I could go for Rosh Hashanah” said Adam Applebaum from Edge Hill University. Edge Hill is a 30 minute train ride from Liverpool’s Universities Chabad on Campus which is directed by Rabbi Shmuli and Tzivia Brown. Adam told us that he contacted the Rabbi and after that, “Everything went far better than I could possibly have imagined. I went into the new year knowing that a wonderful Chabad campus rabbi and community is within reach who will be there to help solve any issues, … Read More »

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