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Thousands Attend Lag B'Omer Celebrations!

LBO Hendon1.JPGThe streets of Hendon were packed out on Sunday as the Great Lag B'Omer Parade made its way along Bell Street, Brent Street and Queen Road before finishing in Hendon Park for an afternoon funfair.

Over 2500 people joined in the celebrations as they watched the impressive display of marching bands, floats and displays. Many people adorned fancy dress for the occasion. It was the first time that the Parade had taken place in North West London and it can only be described as a huge success.LBO Hendon3.JPG

Benji Novak was there with his wife and two children, Chaya and Keren. He said, 'This is truly a family day out, the kids love it and so do the grown ups. A real kiddush hashem has been created today! 

The event was attended by Rabbis Nachman S… Read More »

Over 3,000 Attend Chabad Sedarim in the UK

seder 2011 2.JPGThis Pesach, Chabad once again opened its doors across the country and extended an open invitation to join and participate in a Seder night. During the two nights, a record 3,079 people sat down with Chabad to eat matzah, drink wine and recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt. 

Communal Sedarim took place at over 35 locations across the UK including options for students on campus, and for Israelis, with Sedarim conducted in Ivrit. At one Seder in London, the Ma Nishtana was recited in 8 different languages including Farsi and Hindi!

Without the Chabad Sedarim many people would not have had the opportunity to experience a Seder night. One participant from Manchester said, 'The thought of doing a Seder on my own was de… Read More »

25 Years after Chernobyl

Simon Swerdlow, 33, says he owes his life to Chabad.

In 1990, he left Belarus at the age of 13, part of an airlift of 250 children from areas surrounding the doomed Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. That was the first flight operated by Chabad Children of Chernobyl, a Chabad-Lubavitch run organization designed to rescue those most vulnerable from the meltdown that left Chernobyl2.jpgthousands of square kilometers uninhabitable. 

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