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Learning about Eretz Yisroel - Stamford Hill Summer 2011 Day Camp

1.JPGLubavitch Day Camp of Stamford Hill is famous for its theme based camp. In 2009 it was 39 Melachos and in 2010 it was Tishrei. This year, camp developed a special theme on Eretz Yisroel, which included the map, the holy cities and special Mitzvos.

This was achieved by designing an exclusive map which included everything that was covered at camp. The children earned stickers to embellish their maps, as they learned about each topic. In addition, each week there was a hands-on workshop exploring that week’s theme.2.JPG

Can you find the Orei Miklat on a map? Teko’ah? Can you trace Avraham’s journeys? Bnei Yisroel’s route from Mitzraim? Where the Shevatim settled? In camp, the children re-traced the routes, borders, cities … Read More »

Chief Rabbi Opens Cambridge Mikvah

Chief and R Leigh.JPGLast Sunday, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks officially opened Cambridge's first Mikvah. After almost 30 years of planning and discussions, construction began after Pesach and was completed shortly before the inaugaral ceremony.

The ceremony took place at the Rohr Chabad Centre where the Mikvah is located. Due to limited capacity at this venue a small number of invitees were in attendance. However, over 120 people gathered at the Shul afterwards for a reception to mark the event and to celebrate this exciting new addition to Cambridge's Jewish community.

Cambridge Mikvah 2.jpgThe events were attended by a number of local representatives and dignitaries including the member of parliament for Cambridge Mr Julian Huppert. During the ceremony Lord Sacks spoke of the centra… Read More »

'The Inside Story' - Chabad Wimbledon unravels Stories from the Bible

the Inside Story.jpgChabad Wimbledon are proud to announce the beginning of a new series of talks and discussions as part of their excellent adult education programme.

'Bible Stories: The Inside Story' series begins on Wednesday 7th September and continues for 12 weeks until the end of the year (click on this weblink for exact dates of the sessions). Rabbi Nissan David Dubov will lead each session as he helps unravel the mysteries of the Bible in what is described as, 'An hour and a quarter of weekly wisdom, wit and humour'.

The first session is entitled 'Adam and Eve - why did they sin?'. Other biblical stories that will be discussed during the course include: The Binding of Isaac, Jonah and the Whale, The Tower of Babel, Jacob and Esau and many others… Read More »

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