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Thousands attend Communal Pesach Sedarim across the UK

This Pesach, Chabad once again welcomed people all across the UK to participate in a Seder night. During the two nights, thousands of people sat down with Chabad to eat matzah, drink wine and recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt. passover-sader-plate-fd-lg.jpg

Communal Sedarim took place at over 30 locations including options for students on campus, and for Israelis, with Sedarim conducted in Ivrit. At one Seder in London, Bloomsbury, the Ma Nishtana was recited in 9 different languages.

Without the Chabad Sedarim many people would not have had the opportunity to experience a Seder night. One participant from Manchester said, 'The thought of doing a Seder on my own was depressing; thank you for thinking of me and inviting me. It was warm, wonderful… Read More »

Chabad Lubavitch features on BBC Documentary

1 chabad liv.jpgA new documentary is currently being aired on BBC that features the work of Chabad Lubavitch's Campus Shliach in Liverpool - Rabbi Shmuli Brown.

'Angels of Mersey' is a new series that follows chaplains from different faiths who work in Liverpool. Employed in hospitals, in the universities, at football grounds and in the street, they all offer a listening ear, spiritual guidance and a helping hand when life gets tough. The series examines the work of the chaplains and looks at the lives of the people they touch. 1 chabad liv4.jpg

A BBC film crew spent time with Rabbi Brown and his family filming him signing up Jewish students at events such as the University Freshers Fair and hosting a BBQ for Jewish students at his home.

Rabbi Shmuli & his wife T… Read More »

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