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Celebrating Lag B'Omer 5772 - Hundreds Join Stamford Hill Parade

Shill.JPGMore than six hundred people participated in the annual Lag B'Omer Parade which was held outside of Lubavitch House in Stamford Hill, Head Office of Chabad Lubavitch UK.

Children and students of Chabad Lubavitch kindergartens and schools from Stamford Hill, and members of the wider local community gathered outside of Lubavitch House in the presence of members of the Directorate of Chabad Lubavitch UK, Rabbonim, and local civic leaders – Cllr Fajana-Thomas Speaker of Hackney, Mr Gordon Bell MBE, Cllr Desmond, Cllr Jacobson and Cllr Sharer all from Hackney council.

The MC, Rabbi Korer of Chabad Islington introduced the Speaker of Hackney, who addressed the children and said how proud she is of them, after which Rabbi S Lew spoke conve… Read More »

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