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Chabad Sedarim take place all over the UK

This Pesach, Chabad once again welcomed people all across the UK to participate in a Seder night. passover-sader-plate-fd-lg.jpg

During the two nights
, thousands of people sat down with Chabad to eat matzah, drink wine and recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt. 

Communal Sedarim took place at over 40 locations including options for students on campus, families, tourists, and for Israelis, with Sedarim conducted in Ivrit. 

Without the Chabad Sedarim many people would not have had the opportunity to experience a Seder night. 

To see a list of all the Chabad Seder locations
Click Here

Chabad also provided a service where people could
sell their Chametz for free using an easy-to-use online form. 

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