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Campus Torah - A First For Leeds

Wed 27th May  --  Over  150 students and community members joined Rabbi and Mrs Michoel Danow at Leeds University to celebrate the completion and inauguration of a new Sefer Torah – a first in the History of Leeds University.

The event began at the University where participants was given the chance to write a letter completing the new Torah.  After the completion, the crowds led the new Torah off the campus in a Parade to the Chabad Student Centre. 

“This is a historical  event for Leeds University “ said one student “the celebratory atmosphere is so palpable, it is a reflection of the Jewish life that the Danow’s provide for the students”.

At the Chabad House, celebration… Read More »

Brit-award nominee Alex Clare sings at YJL’s soulful Lag B’Omer party

 Lag BOmer with Alex Clare YJL(MM)2015-2937.jpg

Young Jewish London held its large event and attracted 120 young professionals on a drizzly May evening to a soulful Lag B’Omer party at the Merchant Mansion – a grand Georgian mansion in Central London’s Bedford Square.

On arrival, the 20 and 30s professionals’ crowd was greeted by the sultry and toe-tapping sounds of Flamenco fusion band, Somos Cales. The raindrops held off just long enough to barbecue a seriously meaty feast for all.

Following food and socialising, multi-platinum-winning singer and songwriter, Alex Clare shared his music and some of his life story with the receptive crowd.

Lag BOmer with Alex Clare YJL(MM)2015-2859 (1).jpgBrit Award nominee Clare spoke about how his record label, Universal, gave him an ultimatum: play on Friday nights,… Read More »

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