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JLI: Biggest Jewish Education Initiative Ever Seen

The mission of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute - JLI - is to make Jewish learning accessible and personally meaningful to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation.


With 156,000 people having taken part in a JLI course in more than 1,100 communities across the world, JLI is undoubtedly the world's largest Jewish education network. Courses are taught in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French & Braille.

This week saw the UK Training Conference take place in London where 25 educators came together to discover the latest range of innovative resources as the project is further expanded across the country.

Sessions were led by Rabbi Efraim Mintz, Executive Director of JLI who flew in from the US and P… Read More »

CTeen: Leeds Girls Learning to Lead

Under the direction of Rabbi Mendy and Bunie Chazan, the Leeds Chapter of CTeenUK this week saw the Dare2Care programme swing into action.


Inspired by the theme of ‘Leadership’ the girls took part in an action-packed programme which included meeting with the emergency services to whom they gave cookies; local Cllr Dan Cohen and director of Leeds UJIA – Alexa Harris. They also found out all about ‘life on campus’ from the Leeds Students’ Shaliach Mrs Chana Sorah Danow who, together with her husband Rabbi Michoel, has just marked 10 years of service to the Leeds student community. They also visited with elderly members of the community who reside at Donisthorpe Hall.

It is envisaged that through b… Read More »

Tel Torah: a World of Learning at Your Fingertips

For people in a hurry, without a moment to spare (sounds like many of us…) it is always a good thing when Torah classes are made available in innovative ways.

tel torah with book phone.jpg 

‘Tel-Torah’ – a project of Chabad Lubavitch Edgware – has made the treasures of Torah, Chassidus and Daf Yomi more accessible than ever before. The key to these treasures is in your hands, with the buttons of any telephone. Simply dial the number and a world of knowledge is open to you, at the cost of a local call.

Available in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and French with countless topics to choose from in addition to a daily Daf Yomi shiur.

The subject matter includes a variety from Mishna to Gemara; Chassidic insights to heart-warming … Read More »

Jewish Women’s Leadership Network Conference UK

The Jewish Women’s Leadership Network conference, Kinus Hashluchot UK, largely funded by the National Lottery, took place last week in a stunning spa hotel deep in the tranquil Oxfordshire countryside.

Group Photo JWLN.jpg 

With the theme of ‘Teach | Touch | Transform’ some 70 attendees came together from Chabad Lubavitch UK and other communities, from all over the British Isles for 2 days of inspirational educational workshops, CPD and lectures. Not forgetting time for pampering, relaxation, socialising and vital recharging of the batteries.

Sessions ran the gamut from counselling skills to Montessori education; Chassidic thought to paediatric first aid; as well as being treated to fruit carving & chocolate making demonstrations… Read More »

Beis Gavriel Community Gets New Building

Beis Gavriel shul in Hendon was founded by the local Lubavitch community in 2008 in memory of Rabbi Gavriel & Rivka Holtzberg HY”D who were taken by the tragic attack on Chabad of Mumbai.

Beis Gavriel.jpg 

The name and ethos of the shul is intended to be a constant reminder of the kind of people the Holtzbergs were; to provide positive inspiration to all. In just 9 years, Beis Gavriel has developed into a warm and diverse community of all ages and backgrounds. Under the attentive and dynamic leadership of Rabbi Menachem Junik, members and visitors are encouraged to play active roles. From shiurim to events, the spirit of unity permeates this exceptional community.

Thanks to assistance and investment of the Federation of Synagogues, as its… Read More »

Shlucha Steps in to Help Child With Autism

A comforting and positive encounter on a recent flight from Europe to the United States has gone viral.

Rachel Groner 1.jpg 

On a flight, back from Israel after chaperoning a Mayanot Taglit-Birthright trip, Chabad Lubavitch Shlucha Rochel Groner found herself in a unique position to help a fellow passenger. An hour into an eight-hour connecting flight from Europe—and after a three-hour delay before take-off—a young boy with autism had a meltdown.

“You could hear his cries throughout the plane,” wrote Rabbi Bentzi Groner, who along with his wife, Rochel, co-directs the Charlotte, North Carolina chapter of Friendship Circle and ZABS Place, an upscale charity shop and employment-training ce… Read More »

KGB Agent Spills the Beans on Soviet Persecution of Chabad

There are many ways to lie. Even the truth can lie.

The Revolutionairies.jpg 

What did they tell you about Chabad Lubavitch and the Rebbe? That Chabad Lubavitch is a wonderful organization with an effective strategy to reach out to Jews alienated by their Judaism and return them to tradition. That it has grown phenomenally in a few decades into a ubiquitous force in the Jewish world and in many parts of the globe has become the default Jewish establishment. That the Rebbe practically invented Jewish outreach and was the major force behind the miraculous resurrection of the Jewish people after the holocaust.

All true and very nice. Like icing without the cake, gravy without potatoes… if you want to know the real truth about Chabad Luba… Read More »

Inspirational National Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis

More than eighty Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis (Shluchim) from all over the UK came together this week for their annual conference (Kinus) in the Midlands.

Kinus Group Photo Cropped.jpg 

The Kinus was graced by the presence of the inspirational Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky from Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters, New York. Among many roles he oversees the educational requirements of the more than 4,000 Chabad religious and educational institutions worldwide.

The Kinus Dinner Guest of Honour - Dayan Shmuel Simons of the London Beth Din - spoke on the unique nature of the Chabad Lubavitch mission and congratulated the Shluchim on their commitment to Anglo-Jewry whilst Rabbi Dovid Katz of West Hampstead delivered the Keynote speech.

The evening was a… Read More »

Hotel Decorator Receives Jewish Name

Morning prayers at the National Conference of Chabad Rabbis (Kinus haShluchim) this week took an interesting turn with the calling up to the Torah, for the first time, of Shalom ben Avraham.

Shlomo ben Avraham pic 3.jpg 

50-something Shalom works at the hotel where the Kinus has been hosted in recent years. In 2015, during a conversation with a Shaliach it transpired that his maternal grandmother was Jewish and therefore, so is he. Inspired and interested by his discovery Shalom then laid tefillin for the first time.

This year, Shalom's Jewish journey continued when he gladly took up the suggestion of receiving a Jewish name thereby fully joining the Jewish people. Called up for the Torah reading, he recited the blessings with a little help, to a res… Read More »

Launch of Tefillin Bank

It was at the wedding celebration of Menachem Mendel and Chana Tzivia Lazar, that the groom’s father, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar, announced the start of a special new initiative: The Tefillin Bank.

Tefillin Bank.jpg

This follows the extremely successful Mezuzah Bank, which has helped thousands of Jews put up mezuzot in their home free of charge, thanks to generous sponsors. Needless to say, these mezuzot were just the first step for many of these families, who continued to take on more mitzvot as a result.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe started the Tefillin Campaign in 1967. Now, fifty years later, these first three pairs of Tefillin have been paid for and presented to three proud young men who had committed to ‘wrapping up&… Read More »

A Bar Mitzvah with a Difference

Five students from the Lauder Business School were joined by their families from across Europe for a Bar Mitzvah celebration with a difference.

Barmitzvah Students.jpg 

When Chabad on Campus teamed up with Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi to launch a Bar Mitzvah program, they didn’t expect Vienna to be the location for the first graduating group of students. Yet, for five students from Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Ukraine this was the reality as they were called to the Torah and celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs for the first time, some 10 years later than usual.

The AEPi brothers’ studies with Rabbi Boruch Sabbach covered various areas of Jewish practice, including the observance of Tefillin. On the day itself, Magdolna Várkony… Read More »

Summertime with the World's largest Camp Network

Camp Gan Izzy.jpg

With the hot summer weather in full swing, have you been thinking about the long school holidays coming up and what you will do with the children?

Look no further. The Chabad Lubavitch Camp Gan Israel network is the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish Summer camps in the world. Gan Israel enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities.

Camps allow Jewish young people from all religious backgrounds to enjoy their holidays to the full and also discover more about Judaism and Jewish life in an exciting and stimulating way. 

A diverse range of outings, arts and crafts, music, team competitions and many more activities are all part of … Read More »

1,000-strong Show of Jewish Pride in Islington

On July 2nd 2017, Chabad Lubavitch of Islington hosted the Big Jewish Summer Fete

Islington Fete.jpg

Around 1000 people joined for a family fun summer Sunday at Highbury Fields for a celebration of Jewish culture, from bagels to klezmer, from circle dancing to stand-up comedy

To the soundtrack of live klezmer music by the funky Tantz band, participants were able to explore the wealth of Jewish culture with a series of talks at the ‘speakers corner’ on everything Jewish, from art and dance, to comedy and literature. Learning Krav Maga tactics or Israeli Dance moves, havdala candle making by the Jewish Museum or testing your knowledge in the custom-made Jewish Escape Room were among the many activities for young and ol… Read More »

Moshe Holtzberg meets PM Netanyahu & PM Modi

During PM Modi of India's state visit to Israel this week there was a delightful meeting with PM Netanyahu and Moshe Holtzberg, the orphaned survivor of the Mumbai Chabad House terror attack of 29th Cheshvan 5769 (26.11.2008) 

Moshe Holtzberg.jpg

Click here for video, courtesy of the Israel GPO, where Moshe was invited to accompany PM Netanyahu on the return State Visit when the Mumbai Chabad House will be rededicated.

Click here for full story 

May the memories of Rabbi Gavriel Noach & Rivka Holtzberg serve as a blessing.


Kosher Wimbledon Update

For the 10th consecutive summer, Rabbi Dovid & Sora Cohen of Chabad South London Students & Young Professionalshave been running their Kosher Court takeaway at the Wimbledon Championships.

 Kosher Wimbledon.jpg

With glorious sunshine there has been no shortage of hungry customers coming from all over London and as far afield as Manchester, New York and Virginia with the Cohens serving up to 100 people each day.

Almost at the half way point of Wimbledon fortnight there is still plenty of time to come and grab a kosher bite as well as some Strawberries & (parev !) Cream so check out the details below or even pre-order your meal on 07801 491 386.

Enjoy the tennis and have a Shabbat Shalom from Wi… Read More »

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