Chabad Lubavitch UK Heralds ‘watershed moment’ as Schools receive State Funds

Thursday, 28 June, 2012 - 1:12 pm

school8.jpgChabad Lubavitch UK, has said that the achievement of state aided status for its Senior Girls’ School in Stamford Hill and the nearby, Lubavitch House Boys School, marks a new era for the organisation across the UK.

For many years, Lubavitch funded only private schools in the UK, which taught torah values to pupils of all ages, coloured by their unique approach to Judaism. However the schools were an enormous financial burden on the organisation, a burden which to some extent has now been lifted.

Although the schools will still be asking parents to contribute a donation to cover expenses not provided for by the funding, the achievement finally gives Chabad Lubavitch UK the financial security that it has long sought. It enables the organisation to renew its efforts of reaching Jews all over the UK and make Judaism accessible to all.

Lubavitch CEO, Rabbi Bentzi Sudak said, “This is truly a watershed moment for us. It’s no secret that over the last few years we have been fighting for the financial freedom to continue our work in communities, schools, campuses across the country – this funding means that we have won that fight.”

The Lubavitch House Boys School, will be the latest to receive funding on 1st July 2012 following the Senior Girl’s School which received its funding on 1st June and the Ruth Lunzer Lubavitch Girl’s Primary School which has benefitted from state funding for a number of years.

Mrs Helen Freeman, Head Teacher of the Girl’s Senior School commented, “We have achieved excellent academic results and a unique ethos of chesed and love for Judaism on such a small budget, just imagine what we’ll be able to achieve with this additional funding.”

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