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New, Expanded Premises for Chabad at Leeds University

Tuesday, 3 March, 2009 - 4:41 pm

Leeds Student Chabad House is to move to new larger premises in April, it was announced this week.

The new building, which measures 400 sq metres (4300 sq foot), is described as one of nicest buildings in the area and is located on one of the main streets of university campus. It will house the expanding activities of the Leeds Student Chabad House directed by Rabbi Michoel and Chana Sara Danow.

The purchase of the new building has been made possible with the help of a generous supporter who has donated the start up funds for the project.

The Danows moved to Leeds from Sweden where they ran a Chabad House for 12 years serving the Jewish community in Gottenberg.

In July 2007, upon their arrival in Leeds, they established the Student Chabad House with the goal of providing a home away from home for more than 1500 Jewish students studying at the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University.

"Thank G-d, we were met with instant success. The students started to come... and come. It did not take long for our Shabbat meals and events to numbers anywhere between 30 and 70 students in a dining room that can fit 35 at a squeeze," says Rabbi Danow.

When students started to overflow from the dining into the kitchen on Friday nights, the need for a larger place soon became apparent.

The new building will allow the Chabad House's activities to expand. Rabbi Danow says: "Here we can see the potential to continue to grow."

The new building has been met with enthusiasm by students. "The Danows are like my family while I'm at university in Leeds. The new Chabad House will let them grow even bigger and spead their warmth, genrosity and love even further," says Rachel Symons.

Jordan Jay, a final year law student, says, "Leeds Student Chabad House has been vitally important in my development at University. The new building will enable Chabad to diversify its activities."

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