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Hendon Celebrates New Torah Scroll

Tuesday, 17 March, 2009 - 8:57 am

Some 250 people filled the streets of Hendon with music and dancing to celebrate the completion and consecration of a new Torah scroll donated to Chabad of Hendon on Sunday, March 15th.

“There was an electric atmosphere as the Torah scroll was completed and everyone spontaneously burst into song,” says Rabbi Gershon Overlander who runs Chabad of Hendon with his wife, Sara Leah.

Guests were invited to sponsor and write a letter in the Torah scroll. The final letter was written by Mr Yisroel Margulies who commissioned the new scroll in honour of his father, Zvi Margulies.

With live music and dancing, the new sefer Torah was carried under a traditional chupah (canopy) through the usually quiet streets of Hendon. Some 250 people joined in the procession, including local rabbis and students from the nearby Kingsley Way Yeshiva.

As the procession moved towards the Chabad House, people emerged from shops and pedestrians stopped to view the procession as it passed through the streets.

“Lots of people came out to have a look at what was going on and were genuinely happy to see the procession go by,” says Rabbi Overlander.

Chabad of Hendon is no stranger to such celebrations. Since it opened its doors in October 2004, several Torah scrolls have been donated. However, this year’s celebration was particularly significant being a Hakhel year - a year of Jewish unity.

“Carrying the Torah scroll through the streets of Hendon and seeing all the people join in the celebration gives one an idea of the sort of power the Torah has to unite and inspire Jews from all walks of life... and even non-Jews!” says Rabbi Overlander.

Lively hakafot dancing and an appetising banquet followed the procession with words of inspiration being delivered by Rabbi Dovid Halpern.


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