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Electrical Fire Severely Damages Edgware Mikveh

Tuesday, 31 March, 2009 - 6:42 am

fire.jpgTens of thousands of pounds of damage was caused by an electrical fire in a shed housing Edgware Lubavitch’s Mikveh last week.

"I looked out the window and spotted a whisper of smoke then called 999," recounts Rabbi Zalman Sudak, associate director of Lubavitch of Edgware. "When the firemen arrived less than ten minutes later, I could already see flames."

As well as damage to the walls and ceiling of the room containing the ritual bath, prayer books, synagogue chairs and children’s play equipment stored in another room of the shed were also ruined in the blaze last Thursday afternoon.

"On one of the pictures from the CCTV you can see a fireball coming out of the shed as the firemen started to tackle the fire," says Rabbi Sudak. "They said that had the fire not been reported so swiftly, within half an hour there would have been nothing left.  Had the fire started at night, the first we would have known about it would have been when the fire reached the neighbours house. Thank G-d no one was hurt.”

It is thought that the fire originated in the equipment connected to the mikveh.  “The fire service has confirmed it was an electrical fire,” says Rabbi Sudak. “It was not a question of arson, nor a question of tampering.”

Lubavitch of Edgware is now appealing for funds to help cover the restoration costs. “The whole shed needs to be pulled down. To rebuild the shed and mikveh and replace equipment we’re looking at around £50,000."


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