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Exciting Shavuot Events Throughout UK and New Festival Website

Thursday, 28 May, 2009 - 4:28 am

cold-set-raspberry-cheesecake.jpgChabad centres around the UK expect to host hundreds of people in an array of different events during the Shavuot festival which celebrates the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai 3,321 years ago.

On Thursday evening, many will be engaging with the Torah by staying awake until dawn for all-night learning, while on Friday everyone – including children – are encouraged to gather in synagogue to hear and experience the reading of the Ten Commandments.

A full range of tasty traditional dairy delicacies will be served throughout the festival. Ice Cream parties are a popular event this year, appealing to children and adults alike. From Manchester to Edgware, Chabad centres have chosen to combine Ice Cream and Cheesecake parties and kiddushes with the reading of the Ten Commandments to allow more people than ever to fulfil the mitzvah.

In addition, is carrying an interactive Shavuot site full of information about of the festival. You  can use the site to search for Shavuot events and services in your local area.

The site contains a full festival guide with articles and audio classes which take a look at the Shavuot from the perspective of Jewish law and history as well as Chassidus. You can also find recipes for all the dairy dishes served on the festival, such as blintzes and cheesecakes.

An exciting part of the site is Kids multimedia section which makes the festival accessible and enjoyable for children.

Some of the cartoons have even proved popular with adults as well such as the “What If?” series which asks the question What If the Torah Were Given On the Moon? and Underarge Unwritter, a sixty second clip that encourages children and adults alike to hear the Ten Commandments.


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