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Close to 1,000 Celebrate New Torah Scroll in Mill Hill

Thursday, 18 June, 2009 - 8:26 pm

nf_3938_133883.jpgNearly one thousand people joined together on Sunday to celebrate the completion of a new Torah scroll at Mill Hill United Synagogue, London.

Rabbi Yitzchok Schochet, rabbi of Mill Hill United Synagogue, reminded those assembled that the launch of the fundraising campaign for a new Torah scroll coincided with the onset of the credit crunch.

He recalls coming home one day and suggesting to his wife, Chani, that maybe it wasn't the right time to raise money for a new Torah scroll.

"Why not?" she immediately responded. 

"The best response to a crisis is something spiritual, especially something as meaningful and powerful as this."

In spite of the worsening financial crisis, the community, which is also in the midst of a £4,000,000 rebuilding campaign, managed to gather thirty sponsors to contribute to the new Torah scroll.

Schochet spoke about the inverted letter nuns from the previous day’s Torah portion explaining: "It reminds us that we live in a topsy-turvy world. When things are in a tail-spin, when the economy is in turmoil, when people are in a state of panic, we always look to the Torah for guidance, for encouragement, for reassurance."


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