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Chabad of Buckhurst Hill create World’s First Whisky Menorah

Thursday, 10 December, 2009 - 2:25 pm

tullibardine.jpgThis year Chabad Centre of Buckhurst Hill has found an innovative way  to celebrate the upcoming Chanukah festival: 65 Litres of Single Malt Whisky will fill a 7 foot high Menorah made of clear piping.

The Whiskey Menorah will be the centre-pieced of Chabad of Buckhurst Hills Chanukah celebration on on the 3rd night ofthe festival, Sunday 13th December.
“We have been a Chanukah trend setter in the past,” says Rabbi Odom Brandman, director of the Buckhurst Hill Chabad Centre.”

“We are always looking for something unique to make their Chanukah celebrations really special and attract attention to its aim; creating a greater interest in Jewish practise and festival observance for the wider community.”
Rabbi Odom Brandman, director of the Buckhurst Hill Chabad Centre , together with his community have previously built a 6 foot chocolate Menorah and a Menorah out of food cans.

For this year, they were looking for something really unique and came up with a fantastic idea. They would build a Menorah out of clear piping and fill it with Whisky. On a recent trip to Scotland, Rabbi Brandman offered a number of distilleries the opportunity to partner with them in making this dream a reality by donating Whisky to fill the Menorah. 
chanukah2008.jpgThe Tullibardine Distillery, in the famous Scottish Highlands, the home of the finest in Scotch Whisky, have accepted the offer and have donated 65 litres of their Single Malt Whisky to fill this historic Menorah.
“It will be an amazing event,” says Rabbi Brandman. “The Whisky itself is really nice; it’s smooth, mellow and has a slightly fruity flavour. I have been on a tour of the distillery and the management there have been so helpful, accommodating and as excited as us about making this Menorah really special”.
The whisky will arrive, directly out of a cask, in a large drum and will be poured straight into the Menorah. The distillery is also providing empty miniature bottles and full size 70cl bottles into which the Whisky can be decanted and enjoyed by the participants of the event. The Menorah is being designed with a tap on the main stem and L’chaim’s will be “on the house” for the night.

Everyone present will be able to take home a miniature bottle souvenir filled with whisky from the Menorah and the community will then auction off the bigger bottles to raise funds to support the Chabad Centre and its outreach work.

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