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Thousands Celebrate Chanukah with Chabad

Wednesday, 16 December, 2009 - 10:54 am

odom.jpgThis week thousands of people across the country have been celebrating Chanukah with Chabad Lubavitch at over 100 events around the UK.

Events have already taken place in: Manchester; Leeds; Cambridge; Chigwell; Golders Green; Glasgow; and Wimbledon, and include the world’s first Whisky Chanukiah and the UK’s first Cycling Menorah.

Other events include: Giant Menorah Lighting in Wimbledon with guest of honour Stephen Hammond MP; Chanukah on Ice celebration in Sale, Manchester; Chanukah Factor at the Leeds Lubavitch; a car Menorah parade in Hampstead: and a public menorah lighting in Bournemouth town centre attracting over 200 people.

tullibardine1.jpgOne particularly novel idea this Chanukah has been the creation of the world’s first ever single malt whisky Menorah. Over 200 people helped light the Whiskey Menorah at the Chabad Centre of Buckhurst Hill on Sunday night.

The Tullibardine Distillery, in the Scottish Highlands, donated 65 litres of their Single Malt Whisky to fill this historic Menorah which was designed with a tap on the main stem so that everyone present was able to take home a miniature souvenir bottle filled with whisky from the Menorah. In addition, the community auctioned off bigger bottles full of the ‘Menorah Whisky’ to raise funds to support the Chabad Centre.

"Thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the Tullibardine Distillery we are able to make the world’s first whiskey menorah," said Rabbi Odom Brandman, director of Chabad of Buckhurst Hill. "The evening was a huge success, the whisky itself is really nice."

Another eye catching creation is the first Chabad Lubavitch Cycling Menorah. Rabbi Reuven Leigh of Cambridge, who came up with the innovative and exciting idea after seeing a sukkah on the back of a bike in New York, decided to use his bicycle at the next opportunity, Chanukah. After mentioning the idea to his members, three engineers at King’s College offered to build the cycling menorah.

Commenting on idea Rabbi Leigh said: "Every day I ride my bike around Cambridge. I thought it was such an innovative and novel way of introducing the story of Chanukah to so many people throughout our community."

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Comments on: Thousands Celebrate Chanukah with Chabad

Michael Gold wrote...

The photos you have here on this page are of Rabbi Odom Brandman of Buckhurst Hill. Mazel Tov to Henny and him on the birth of their new baby, and 2 days later, Odom was hosting this truly inspirational event. It was great to be a part of it.