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Lubavitch Breaks New Record in Learning by Phone

Thursday, 14 January, 2010 - 9:58 am

n7.jpgThis month Chabad Lubavitch will set a unique new record by reaching 100,000 hours of learning by telephone.

Over the past eight years Tel-Torah has been giving people the chance to learn by phone at a time and place convenient to them and this January will mark 100,000th hour of Torah learning.

Tel-Torah, project of Chabad Lubavitch of Edgware, has made the treasures of studying Torah, Chassidut and Daf Hayomi (Talmud) more accessible than ever before. Participants simply dial a telephone number and a world of Jewish knowledge opens at the cost of a local call.

Available in both English and Yiddish, participants are able to choose from nine different topics as well as a daily Daf Hayomi Shiur as well as a ‘pick a Daf’ and ‘pick a mishna’ which let the user choose any page and the class is played to them.  The subject matter varies from profound Chassidic insights to heart-warming stories and the weekly Torah portion.

To celebrate this achievement Chabad Lubavitch have installed a new upgraded computer system which will offer something to suit everyone’s needs, from adults to children and from beginners to advanced learners. Participants can now choose from nineteen different categories including a Jewish date converter, Children's super phone which includes stories, mystery minute plus songs, daily mishnah readings, weekly parshah and daily shiurim.

Chief Executive of Chabad Lubavitch UK, Rabbi Bentzi Sudak commented on this achievement: “This is a wonderful achievement for Chabad Lubavitch UK and just goes to show the importance of self learning. I am deeply grateful to the Lubavitch of Edgware for all their efforts in making this possible.”

Rabbi Sudak continued: “There are thousands of Jews around the world who are not able to get to a synagogue or a Jewish learning group once a week; judging from our call stats Tel – Torah is in use at all hours of the day or night, six days a week. Tel – Torah makes learning the Torah accessible to anyone anywhere and means that you are always connected to Jewish learning in a fun and easy way!”

The new Tel Torah number is 020 33 18 77 00

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