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Lubavitch Schools Receive an 'Outstanding' Rating Following Inspections

Thursday, 21 January, 2010 - 10:00 am

school2.jpgChabad Lubavitch received a thumbs up from Ofsted and Pikuach – the inspection authority for Jewish schools - after a hugely successful inspection of their schools’ facilities.

Following an inspection by Pikuach in early December, Pikuach gave a mixture of outstanding and good grades to the Lubavitch Girls Primary School and the Lubavitch Early Learning Years (Chabad nursery). The report stated that “The quality of Jewish education at Lubavitch Ruth Lunzer Girls Primary school is good overall and in the Early Years Foundation Stage, it is outstanding. The school provides a warm, welcoming and supportive environment that is enjoyed by all staff, pupils and parents.”  

ofsted.jpgThe Pikuach noted that the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make outstanding progress due to the high quality of provision that ensures pupils learn well both socially and academically, in a safe and secure learning environment. Pikuach also highlights the high standard of teaching practices which ensure that pupils rate of learning and progress are at least good and in many cases outstanding and as a result, the standards attained by pupils in Year 6 are outstanding

A report by the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted), gave The Early Years foundation (Chabad nursery) an overall grade two rating, ranking all aspects of the nursery as “good”.

Ofsted highlighted the quality and standards of the nursery by saying: “The home-from-home, inclusive environment is organised to allow children free movement around the house. Children develop warm and secure relationships with the childminder who supports the children well and takes care of their individual needs.” 

school1.jpgThe report also highlighted the nursery as a calming and welcoming place for parents to send their children, leaving parents with knowledge and comfort that their children are in capable hands, “Children make good progress especially in personal social and emotional development. The room is calm and welcoming and children behave very well. They are relaxed and happy and are able to establish learning attitudes which will be valuable to them throughout their education.” 

The fantastic reports were greeted with great enthusiasm and demonstrate that Chabad Lubavitch education is continuing to set high standards despite the difficulties of the new frame work set by Ofsted this year. Chief Executive of Chabad Lubavitch UK, Rabbi Bentzi Sudak commented on this achievement: “I am delighted by these wonderful reports and it really shows the strides that we are taking in making sure that children who go through schooling at Lubavitch is of the highest quality.”  

Rabbi Sudak continued: “It is increasingly important that we continue to maintain this high standard of education and learning and by the time we have another inspection we will see only outstanding reports! I would like to thank all staff and teachers for their continuous hard work and effort in what is certainly going to be a highly successful year ahead.”

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