Passover Story Comes Alive for Children with Tzivos Hashem's Exodus Experience

Friday, 12 March, 2010 - 1:01 am

exodus3.jpgIn the run up to Passover this year, Jewish children in the UK will get a chance to learn about the festival like they have never been able to before thanks to Tzivos Hashem’s Exodus Experience.

The Exodus Experience – which takes place Sunday 14th and 21st March in North West London - is an interactive, hands-on, educational production which re-enacts the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Audience participation and cast interaction make for a fun, fresh and exiting way for children to learn about the Passover story.

Children take a step-by-step journey back in time 3,300 years. Receiving an Egyptian's costume as they journey, they witness the brutal slavery imposed upon the Jewish people and see how Moses is rescued from the Nile River as well as his encounter with the burning bush.

In addition, the Ten Plagues are brought to life as well as the splitting of the Sea, and a hot and dusty trek through the dessert to Mount Sinai where they receive exodus1.jpgthe Ten Commandments.

After the show children learn the intricate process of baking Matzah by threshing the wheat, kneading the dough and baking their own Matzah.

The Exodus Experience has brought the Passover story to life for thousands of people in major cities throughout the world where it has been presented.

Rabbi Yossi Simon, Director of Tzivos Hashem Craft Workshops said: "Children have come from Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and all over greater London. I am delighted with the response and we look forward to welcoming thousands more"


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