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Yeshiva Students Distribute Matza to London's Jews

Thursday, 18 March, 2010 - 8:40 pm

nf_7995_214164.jpgStudents of the Lubavitch Yeshiva of London on Kinsgley Way distributed 1,000 pounds of shmura matzah for Passover to Jews throughout the Hampstead Garden Suburb area.

Under the guidance of Rabbi Y Hertz who heads the yeshiva, students were paired together with congregants who drove them door to door to offer complimentary shmurah matzah to local residents for their enjoyment as part of their Passover Seder.

The students who managed to reach out to Jews from all different backgrounds and levels of observance were well-received throughout the area.

The program will continue in the run-up to Passover. Students will visit a number of Jewish schools in London to hand out shmurah matzah to pupils and teachers.

In addition, this coming Sunday, students will visit a six fruther locations throughout North West London, including Hampstead, Golders Green, and East Finchley.

The program was developed ten years ago in lieu of a campaign developed by Getzel Itzinger and Harris Sidelsky to strengthen the awareness of the usage of traditional shmurah matzahs on the Passover Seder night. It has now developed into a wonderful tradition that now enables thousands of unaffiliated families to fulfil this important mitzvah.

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