Over 3,000 Attend Chabad Sedarim in the UK

Monday, 2 May, 2011 - 12:59 pm

seder 2011 2.JPGThis Pesach, Chabad once again opened its doors across the country and extended an open invitation to join and participate in a Seder night. During the two nights, a record 3,079 people sat down with Chabad to eat matzah, drink wine and recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt. 

Communal Sedarim took place at over 35 locations across the UK including options for students on campus, and for Israelis, with Sedarim conducted in Ivrit. At one Seder in London, the Ma Nishtana was recited in 8 different languages including Farsi and Hindi!

Without the Chabad Sedarim many people would not have had the opportunity to experience a Seder night. One participant from Manchester said, 'The thought of doing a Seder on my own was depressing; thank you for thinking of me and inviting me. It was warm, wonderful and informative. I find it hard to describe my feeling of belonging, I felt I had come home'. 

The occasions attracted Jewish guests from a variety of backgrounds including many students, travelers and elderly participants. Some people were experiencing a Seder night for the first time. In Sheffield Rabbi Golomb welcomed a mother and her two children to the Seder; this was the first event that they had attended in 10 years despite many invitations and efforts to be part of the Jewish community in Sheffield. Rabbi Golomb said, 'Every year someone turns up that you do not expect. The strength of Pesach brings people together. This is the 5th son at the Seder'.

Chabad's dedicated network of representatives worked tirelessly in the lead up to the Sedarim ensuring that the events would run smoothly and successfully, providing guests with a welcoming and meaningful experience that they would remember for years to come. One family, that was at first reluctant to join a 'religious Chabad Seder' ended up having a trans-formative experience. They said, 'It was absolutely fantastic and we felt so much at home. Thank you for an unforgettable night.'

Aside from Seder nights, Chabad centers provide a variety of services for Jewish communities all over the country. These include: Friday night dinners, Jewish learning opportunities, Counseling and Welfare, Campus activities, Youth programmes and much more.

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Dan Gross wrote...

I went to your Birmingham Seder - was a really uplifiting night. love what you do. many thanks. Dan.