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Purim Goes Down a Treat with Chabad

Thursday, 8 March, 2012 - 8:02 pm

odome.jpgCelebrations took place all over the UK as thousands of people joined Chabad Lubavitch for Purim parties and Megillah readings.

Aside from events at Chabad Houses, Synagogues and Community Centres, there were many other locations where Chabad arranged for people to come together and celebrate the joyous festival.

Across London megillah readings took place through the day and night. Chabad in the City put on a megillah Islingon.jpgbreakfast at Goldman Sachs's offices for those in the City who wanted to hear the megillah before work.

Chabad on Campus arranged an array of events for students including Rabbi Yisroel Lew's Indian themed party at Chabad of Bloomsbury and a large gathering at Imperial College London odomd.jpgorganised by Rabbi Mendy Loewenthal.

Travelers on their way to Israel were given the opportunity to hear the megillah at the departure gate in London Heathrow Airport. Rabbi Hershi Vogel, of Chabad of West London/Ealing helped ensure that those who had to travel could still fulfil the mitzvah of hearing the megillah. odomb.jpg

Other events included a Kosher Purim party at a pub in Islington, a megillah reading at Jewish Care in Golders Green, a special celebration at London's oldest Ashkenazi synagogue, Sandy's Row in the East End..and many more.

Thousands of Mishloach Manot packages were handed out all over the countrodomc.jpgy. Chabad Rabbis also visited many elderly individuals and read the megillah to people who were unable to attend any of the communal events.  As Purim drew towards a close many more people gathered at Chabad Seudah's for a final l'chaim and a last taste of hamantashen.


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