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Close to 100 people attended the Lubavitch Supper & Lecture given by Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich.

Friday, 7 March, 2014 - 5:05 am

mendelevichcrowd3.JPGClose to 100 people attended the Lubavitch Supper & Lecture given by Rabbi Yosef Mendelevich.

Before introducing Yosef Mendelevich Chairman Richard Kaye paid tribute to the work and dedication of the Jacobs family Chaim, Sora, Mendel, Tzirl and Sholom to strengthen Judaism within the community. 'I often wonder where Glasgow community would be without this incredible family, their endless commitment and very hard work. It is no doubt one of the main sources in helping our community staying alive and thriving ...... Also in keeping the Jewish Telegraph in business with their endless adverts and pages of publicity!!'

Richard welcomed and introduced Yosef Mendelevich who at the age of twenty-two, participated in an attempt to hijack a plane to the West an act designed to raise awareness about the desperate plight of Soviet Jews. Every person on the plane was Jewish and had bought a ticket to fly to Sweden after they would take over the plane. However, the KGB got to know of their plan and he and several others were arrested before the plane ever left the ground and served twelve years in the Soviet gulag. He told over his story of one mans resistance against Russian tyranny, and his daily struggle to retain his Jewishness and his humanity in a system built to extinguish both.

Mendelevich crowd.JPGHis published book the 'Unbroken Spirit' is a testament to the strength of the human soul and an inspiration to us all.

He told over how he resisted the Russian pressure to stop practicing his Judaism and often risked his life and the posibility of being beaten and shot on the spot when he said 'no' to the demands of the KGB.

'What a brave man' said Rabbi Chaim Jacobs at the end of the evening. We must be inspired by him especially when we live in a free country and are free to practice our Judaism. Rabbi Jacobs ended the evening by asking everyone to recite the first two lines of the 'Shema Yisroel' together and urged men to put on Tefillin every weekday, ladies to light their Shabbos candles, and everyone to try keeping Shabbos as a holy day.

The event took place on 27th Adar rishon. 22 years ago on this date the Lubavitcher Rebbe suffered his first stroke and after that we chasidim and world Jewry have been bereft of hearing the Rebbe's guidance and inspiration ever since. However, his example and teaching lives on with the 4,000 Chabad Houses and Lubavitcher Centres worldwide and we in Glasgow and Edinburgh are proud to be part of the Rebbe's army to conquer the world and prepare us all to greet the coming of Moshiach very soon in our days.

The event was catered by L'Chaim's Kosher catering and organised by Sora Jacobs. Sora gave a vote of thanks to the guests thanking them for their continued support of all the Lubavitch work and events in Glasgow. Sora finished by making two presentations to Richard and Sharon Kaye in appreciation of their ongoing friendship and support of the Lubavitch work in Glasgow.


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