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Thousands Attend Communal Pesach Sedarim Across The UK

Sunday, 20 April, 2014 - 9:27 am

seder1.jpgThis Pesach, Chabad once again welcomed people all across the UK to participate in a communal Seder night. With a lively atmosphere the story of the Exodus from Egypt was recounted with Matzah and wine. There were communal Sedarim from Bournemouth to Glasgow in major towns and cities including options for students on campus, families, tourists. There were even Sedarim conducted in Ivrit for Israelis.

passover_2014.jpgFor many people, without the Chabad Sedarim they would not have had the opportunity to experience a Seder night at all. In Scotland over 100 people listened to Rabbi Jacobs as he conducted the Seder. Meanwhile, in Bloomsbury Chabad, Rabbi Y. Lew had over 131 people. There were also large Sederim held in Nottingham, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Many guests told of their appreciation for the communal Seder nights and thanked the Rabbis for putting on such a big event. In Islington, numbers of over 150 people were seen, while in Hendon over 110 gathered, in just two of the several Chabad Sedarim taking place in the capital.

Pesach Seder Gold Text A5 5774 (1).jpgChabad's dedicated network of representatives worked tirelessly in the lead up to the Sedarim ensuring that the events would run smoothly and successfully, providing guests with a welcoming and meaningful experience that they would remember for years to come.

Aside from Seder nights, Chabad Lubavitch centers provide a variety of services for Jewish communities all over the country. These include: Friday night dinners, Jewish learning opportunities, Counseling and Welfare, Campus activities, Youth programmes and much more.


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