UK Chabad Rabbis Hold Regional Conference in Bournemouth

Thursday, 14 July, 2016 - 6:12 am

IMG_9032 (2).jpg“Excellent” “Inspiring”, “a chance to meet and catch up” “every year it just gets better” were some of the comments made by participating shluchim in the annual UK Kinus Hashluchim.

Organised by Rabbi Yehuda Pink of Solihull and his committee, the conference was held in the Normandie Hotel in Bournemouth, South England. With stunning sea views to enhance their stay, over eighty Chabad UK Rabbonim from Newcastle in the north, to Brighton in the south and many places in-between, gathered to learn and teach, inspire and be uplifted.

Beginning on Tuesday 13th Tammuz the anniversary of the release of the previous Chabad Rebbe in 1927 from Soviet imprisonment, the shluchim participated in a variety of shiurim, presentations and workshops all of which were designed to enhance their work in the different fields of outreach.  The Kinus was officially opened by Rabbi Bentzi Sudak, CEO of Chabad Lubavitch UK, following which the Shluchim could choose from a variety of workshops delivered by professional presenters including Graeme Taylor, Senior Partner at Gelbergs Solicitors; Phaivish Pink of the Torah Teachers Training Scheme; Martin Hirst, CEO of MHFC; Mark Frazer Director of Communications at the Office of the Chief Rabbi; Dayan Levi Raskin, Rabbi Sholom Osdoba, Rabbi Zalman Abraham of JLI and Darren Stallick and Anthony Bunt of the CST. The topics ranged from enhancing communication, effective methods to build shiurim, halachic issues facing Rabbonim, financial planning including wills and power of attorney and enhancing the safety of our mosdos. Sessions on education were held for many who are involved in teaching and a round table forum discussed the challenges facing the large group of Campus Shluchim.

 A gala dinner was held in the evening with the Keynote address given by Rabbi Yitzchok Schochet of Mill Hill who recalled lessons from his late father O.H. and provided all present with much food for thought on the role of a shliach. Later that evening all shluchim gathered for the highlight of the kinus – the farbrengen. This year the kinus was fortunate to host Rabbi Levi Wineberg, Rosh Yeshiva and Shliach in South Africa. For over four hours he steadily raised the spirits of all present with divrei Torah, stories, insights and personal recollections of growing up in the courtyard of the Rebbe with whom his illustrious father and educator Rabbi Yosef Wineberg enjoyed a special relationship.  Accompanied by niggunim and the odd lechaim, the farbrengen drew to a close in the early hours of the morning.

A pre shacharis Shiur Chassidus given by Rabbi Yoinosson Golomb of Sheffield began the second day of the kinus followed by shiurim, which included presentations by Mayanot and the Jewish Learning Institute both of which are valuable extensions of the work done by shluchim. A number of shluchim visited local mosdos run by Rabbi Yossi Alperowitz.

Rabbi Pink closed the kinus by thanking his colleagues on the organising committee for the enormous amount of time and energy that they had dedicated to ensuring that the kinus was a success. He said that the feedback from the over 80 shluchim who attended has been extremely positive and underlined the importance of the conference as a platform for learning and growth.

Rabbi Bentzi Sudak commented, “These were two days packed with excellent programming, camaraderie and inspiration that equipped us all to go back to our communities reinvigorated, with new ideas and renewed energy.”

After a sumptuous lunch, while most of the shluchim made their way home suitable invigorated and rejuvenated to continue the work of the Meshalaich – the Rebbe of blessed memory, those shluchim who are affiliated to JLI, the Jewish Learning Institute, the biggest Jewish adult education network in the world, convened in the luxurious atmosphere of the Water Garden Hotel run by Chabad of Bournemouth for a half day seminar.

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