UK Launch of CTeen

Saturday, 30 December, 2017 - 9:20 pm

CTeen is a global family of Jewish teens, dedicated to changing the world through acts of goodness and kindness. Through a fusion of fun, friendship building events, humanitarian outreach, mitzvah observance, and engaging Torah study, teens are empowered to actualize their inner infinite potential, while cultivating a strong sense of Jewish identity, pride and mission.

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Launched in the UK this year, CTeen programmes and youth groups are now accessible in 26 countries around the world in hundreds of locations. CTeen delivers a comprehensive curriculum based on a three-part framework: Educational, placing education at the forefront, ensuring every programme is designed to enhance the development of important life skills; Humanitarian, helping teens build compassion toward others by giving back to the community through various humanitarian projects; and Social, assisting in the building of social skills though positive affiliations, ensuring personal growth in a society where working together is the key to advancement.

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Currently operating in Birmingham, Borehamwood, Bournemouth, Essex, Leeds, London & Manchester, more groups will spring up all over the country in early 2018. Click Here for more information or to find a group near you.

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