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Find a Seder Near You on Interactive Passover Megasite

Wednesday, 1 April, 2009 - 10:36 am

For its third year running, the interactive and content-laden PassoverUK website is once again available to Jews across the UK in anticipation of the coming Passover festival which begins on Wednesday April 8th.

The UK website was the brain-child of Rabbi Reuven Leigh, director of Chabad in Cambridge. “A significant number of people used the site in the past three years to find a place at a Passover seder, sell their chametz, buy matza and learn more about the festival,” says Rabbi Leigh.

A central feature of the website is a full, searchable listing of Passover sedarim throughout the UK and across the globe. The list currently includes information for over 20 locations in the UK and is growing in the lead up to the festival.

In addition to a huge online library including recipes, study resources and multimedia, and A new and exciting feature this year is the Seder Wizard which takes you step-by-step through the Haggadah. As well as giving practical information about the text of the Haggadah and how to properly undertake the various ritual aspects of the Passover seder, the device informs users about the underlying spiritual reasons for why we do what we do on Passover.

The website is designed to be modern, interactive and intergenerational, which in many ways reflects the traditional experience of a Passover seder involving all the family with something special for everyone.

With a wide array of colourful and interesting resources, the website appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. The multimedia section provides entertaining songs, cartoons and videos for children, while adults can find thought-provoking and informative classes discussing all aspects of the Passover festival.

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