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Gan Israel Day Camp Anticipates More Campers than Ever in its 50th Year

Thursday, 23 July, 2009 - 2:11 pm

NIMa2925026.jpgThe annual Gan Israel Lubavitch Day Camp of Stamford Hill, London, kicks off for its 50th year in just over a week on Monday 4 August.

Camp directors Rabbi Shmuly and Chanah Karasik of Crown Heights, New York, have been running the North London day camp for the past two years.

"This year is a special year for our camp," explained Rabbi Karasik. "The camp is celebrating 50 years of bringing summers filled with fun, excitement and Jewish pride to children from across London."

Camp organisers and counsellors are anticipating more campers than ever before.

"Last year we had 300 campers and this year we’re expecting between 350 and 400," said Rabbi Karasik.

The camp runs for three weeks and caters for boys and girls between the ages Gmis2934139.jpgof 3 and 11.

Staffed by 50 experienced counselors from all over the world, the camp’s goal is to provide positive role models.

"Our counselors are one of our biggest assets," said Mrs. Karasik. "They give campers an enriching summer experience imbuing them with a deep sense of pride in their Jewishness."

The theme for this year's camp is the 39 melochos (categories of work forbidden on Shabbat) taught in an unforgettable and unique way.

Instead of just reading about them in a book, campers will actually experience all 39 first-hand.

In the first week, campers will learn about what goes into making bread from planting wheat, harvesting it, making flour and baking fresh challah.

nthp2954355.jpgThe second week of camp will give campers hands-on experience of making cloth with a live sheep shearing demonstration, spinning raw wool into thread and weaving cloth on looms.

The third week will see campers learning how to prepare raw hides into leather and parchment as well as writing with ink and quills.

The camp will finish with a 39 Melochos Carnival open to parents, siblings and friends.

The camp also includes exciting trips, a full range of sports and swimming in the on-site indoor pool as well as specialised arts and crafts, songs and cheers.


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Jillian Ribeiro wrote...

No better people to run this camp. Shmuly, always in our hearts.
Jillian Ribeiro, Daniel, David & Julio