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19 Young Women Graduate at Chabad Ceremony in Manchester

Thursday, 8 July, 2010 - 10:07 pm

Flix'n'Pix - TBMDCS - 12 - Copy.jpgAfter 45 hours of classes, 19 young women graduated this Sunday from the Bat Mitzva Discovery course run by Chabad of Whitefield, Manchester.

Under the guidance of Sora Jaffe and Bassie Niasoff, the Bat Miztvah students have been participating in a unique course specifically designed by women for women. Since October 2009, they have been learning about what it means to become a Jewish woman and about famous Jewish women throughout history.

At a special event held at the Hilton Suite, Prestwich, the young women shared what they have learned over the past seven months with their guest. The event concluded with a symbolic candle-lighting to honour all Jewish women throughout the generations.

Flix'n'Pix - TBMDCS - 36 - Copy.jpg“At the Bat Mitzva Discovery course it's not just about sitting and listening; it is about stimulating activities, trips, and most of all focusing on Jewish feminity,” said Charlotte Olsberg reflecting on her experience.

“Our whole family has been incorporated in this wonderful experience,” remarked the mother of one participant.

“Daughters, mothers and grandmothers have participated together in family friday night dinners at the Jaffe’s home, challa baking and a mikva tour. We will treasure these moments forever.”

The course began in 2007 with nine participants and is now going into its fifth year.

“Thank G-d, word has spread and we now accommodate 19 participants in two classes,” said Sora Jaffe, co-director of Chabad of Whitefield.

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Comments on: 19 Young Women Graduate at Chabad Ceremony in Manchester

Go Jaffe Family! wrote...

It is a wonderful, inspirational and unique course where you can see the girls growing after each lesson into women who are proud of their Jewish identity and so interested in learning.
May it keep growing from year to year!