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Learning about Eretz Yisroel - Stamford Hill Summer 2011 Day Camp

Tuesday, 20 September, 2011 - 5:26 am

1.JPGLubavitch Day Camp of Stamford Hill is famous for its theme based camp. In 2009 it was 39 Melachos and in 2010 it was Tishrei. This year, camp developed a special theme on Eretz Yisroel, which included the map, the holy cities and special Mitzvos.

This was achieved by designing an exclusive map which included everything that was covered at camp. The children earned stickers to embellish their maps, as they learned about each topic. In addition, each week there was a hands-on workshop exploring that week’s theme.2.JPG

Can you find the Orei Miklat on a map? Teko’ah? Can you trace Avraham’s journeys? Bnei Yisroel’s route from Mitzraim? Where the Shevatim settled? In camp, the children re-traced the routes, borders, cities and natural terrain using camp’s exciting map, which integrates ancient cities and landmarks with modern countries. The abstract places that children 3.JPGlearn about in the Chumash and Navi became more real as kids located them on their maps.

They learned about the special Mitzvos of the Holy Land, like Teruma and Maaser, and how to observe them even in England. The children smelled, tasted, planted and made models of the Shivas Haminim.12.JPG

There was also a campaign to spread acts of goodness and kindness around the world using balloons. The boys earned coupons, which they traded for helium filled balloons which they launched into the sky. Each balloon had a message attached, asking the finder to add in acts of goodness and kindness. The balloons landed in London as well as far off in Belgium and Germany.10.JPG

Kids in camp made friends with children from 20 other schools around London. Trips included canoeing, horeseriding, indoor adventure centres, museums, farms, parks, nature reserves, amusement parks and exclusive trips for Teen Camp, like jet-skiing and raft building. Professional activities included Healthy Lifestyles, Fitness, Ecoactive Recycling 3d map making, CST, Road and Fire Safety. Kids enjoyed crafts, 11.JPGmodeling, painting, baking, campwide games, hunts, dancing, singing, carnivals, balloon races and swimming.

A big part of the camp’s success is due to the dedicated staff. At the end of camp, the children were interviewed about their experiences at camp. When the children spoke about what they enjoyed most about camp, many of them spoke about their amazing counselors.

Article written by Rabbi Shmuly and Chana Karasik







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