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Over 1200 Celebrate High Holidays with Chabad on Campus UK

Monday, 3 October, 2011 - 12:33 pm

Leeds_freshers.JPGMany traditional Jewish students head home for Rosh Hashanah to spend this special holiday tucked away with family leaving the forgotten few wondering where to go and what to do for the High Holidays on campus.

“I had no idea where I could go for Rosh Hashanah” said Adam Applebaum from Edge Hill University. Edge Hill is a 30 minute train ride from Liverpool’s Universities Chabad on Campus which is directed by Rabbi Shmuli and Tzivia Brown. Adam told us that he contacted the Rabbi and after that, “Everything went far better than I could possibly have imagined. I went into the new year knowing that a wonderful Chabad campus rabbi and community is within reach who will be there to help solve any issues, however short notice or difficult they may be”. 

Other Chabad Houses across the country saw record attendance with 100 at Cambridge Chabad’s Rosh Hashanah morning service, a total of 120 attending Nottingham’s meals, 70 at Bristol’s Chabad, 75 at Shoreditch and 150 who celebrated with Oxford Chabad over the course of the festival.

Chabad at Edinburgh University had to rent external space at a local Hotel in order to host the services and dinner for 60 on the first night. 

UEL_Shorditch_Chabad.jpgHistory was made at Imperial College with the first ever High Holiday services held on campus at the Union Dining Hall with over 65 in attendance on the 1st night. Rabbi Eli Brackman, Chairman of Chabad on Campus UK said, "The soaring number of Jewish students attending Rosh Hashana at Chabad is a great success for the beginning of the school year, as well as is the huge number of sign ups at Chabad Society stalls at Fresher’s Fairs across the country". Chabad on Campus UK has fourteen branches on campuses across the UK.

Rabbi Brackman added, "Jewish students appreciate the open and welcoming atmosphere of Chabad Houses on campus providing a vibrant and warm Jewish home away from home for all Jewish students while at university. We look forward to a successful year ahead”.

On another front; students from Oxford, Leeds, Imperial College and more volunteered to join the Rabbis in visiting hospital patients and others who did not have the opportunity to celebrate.

“Thank you” wrote Marika Henriques, a holocaust survivor living close to Imperial College. “I actually cried at the sound of the Shofar in my living room”. An 87 year old at Leeds General Infirmary commented, "your visit and the blowing of the Shofar made it feel like it's Yom Tov even here".

In total over 1200 people celebrated with Chabad on Campus UK across the country.

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