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Monday, 29 December, 2014 - 9:37 am

At any given time during term, hundreds of Jewish students across the UK will head over to their campus Chabad House, knowing that a dedicated Rebbetzin will offer them a safe space to chill out and unwind, a hot meal and a welcome break from the stresses of university life. But during winter break, these devoted women along with their husbands and families got their chance to relax and recharge at their annual conference, which was held in South Manchester last week.

Chabad on Campus 2 (2).jpg“It only lasts 24 hours”, says organiser Mushka Simon, who directs Chabad of Manchester Universities along with her husband Rabbi Eli. “We were keen to ensure that the conference was not just an opportunity to regroup and share ideas for programming and class preparation. My colleagues work extremely hard in servicing the students all year, so we were delighted to put them at the receiving end of some pampering and relaxation.”

Rabbi Yossy Gordon, Executive Vice Chairman of Chabad on Campus International, agrees. In his keynote address over dinner, he told the couples that they were “an impressive group of young, energetic, passionate Jewish leaders accomplishing a tremendous amount on behalf of the Jewish people”.

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All year long, the Rabbis and Rebbetzins at Chabad on Campus offer a vast range of classes on Jewish texts and topics to the students. The conference, enjoyed a wide range of sessions from in-depth analysis on practical Jewish law presented by Chabad Lubavitch UK’s senior Dayan, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Raskin to informative workshops on Corporate Governance by Colin Mellor and Daniel Berke of Lewis Hymanson Small Solicitors.

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