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Brit-award nominee Alex Clare sings at YJL’s soulful Lag B’Omer party

Tuesday, 12 May, 2015 - 6:59 am

 Lag BOmer with Alex Clare YJL(MM)2015-2937.jpg

Young Jewish London held its large event and attracted 120 young professionals on a drizzly May evening to a soulful Lag B’Omer party at the Merchant Mansion – a grand Georgian mansion in Central London’s Bedford Square.

On arrival, the 20 and 30s professionals’ crowd was greeted by the sultry and toe-tapping sounds of Flamenco fusion band, Somos Cales. The raindrops held off just long enough to barbecue a seriously meaty feast for all.

Following food and socialising, multi-platinum-winning singer and songwriter, Alex Clare shared his music and some of his life story with the receptive crowd.

Lag BOmer with Alex Clare YJL(MM)2015-2859 (1).jpgBrit Award nominee Clare spoke about how his record label, Universal, gave him an ultimatum: play on Friday nights, Saturdays and religious holidays or be dropped. As Rabbi Bentzi Sudak, CEO of Lubavitch UK said: “He had to choose between his career and his values.” Clare chose his values and went to study at yeshiva. During that time, Microsoft asked to use his song “Too Close” in an advertisement for Internet Explorer 9. This led to Clare achieving six platinum’s for his single ‘Too Close’ and Universal calling him back, this time signing up Clare on his terms. “By choosing his values,” commented Rabbi Sudak, “he ended up being able to have his career as well.”Lag BOmer with Alex Clare YJL(MM)2015-2831.jpg

The entertainment continued with more live music from Somos Cales and dessert.

Young Jewish London’s aim is to provide graduates with opportunities for social, professional and spiritual growth. 

 Rabbi Sudak concluded: “This is just the beginning for Young Jewish London which we hope will offer innovative ways for young Jews to connect professionally, socially and spiritually.”

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