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Campus Torah - A First For Leeds

Wednesday, 27 May, 2015 - 10:13 am

Wed 27th May  --  Over  150 students and community members joined Rabbi and Mrs Michoel Danow at Leeds University to celebrate the completion and inauguration of a new Sefer Torah – a first in the History of Leeds University.

The event began at the University where participants was given the chance to write a letter completing the new Torah.  After the completion, the crowds led the new Torah off the campus in a Parade to the Chabad Student Centre. 

“This is a historical  event for Leeds University “ said one student “the celebratory atmosphere is so palpable, it is a reflection of the Jewish life that the Danow’s provide for the students”.

At the Chabad House, celebrations continued with live music and the traditional Hakafot dancing with the Sefer Torah. This was followed by a festive dinner for participants.

“This event brought a strong sense of pride to the Jewish community of Leeds” Said Rabbi Michoel Danow, who co-directs Chabad at Leeds University together with is wife Chana. “There was a lot of support for this event especially the university who kindly gave them a room to hold the event.”

The Sefer Torah was donated by Mr Avraham Souffir from Paris in memory of his friend Mr Felix Avraham Levy. Mr Souffir was represented at the event by Menachem Danow of Paris.


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