Lady Jakobovits visits the New Lubavitch Children's Centre in North London

Lady Amelie Jakobovits, wife of the late Chief Rabbi Lord Immanuel Jakobovits paid a visit to the new Lubavitch Children's Centre in Stamford Hill. The new facility aims to provide culturally sensitive child and adult services in a comfortable, welcoming and multi-lingual environment. 



Mrs. Margaret Rothem, Lady Jakobovits and Mrs Devorah Leah Sudak, magager of the Lubavitch Children's Centre.
Lady Jakobovits meets the children.
Rabbi Shalom Ber Sudak shows Lady Jakobovits around the new Lubavitch Children's Centre
Lady Jakobovits meets Mr and Mrs Rabin, custodians of the Lubavitch Lending library which now finds a modern new home in the Lubavitch Children's Centre.
Lady Jakobovits tried her hand at using a state of the art interactive white board.
Children enjoying music time at the Lubavitch Children's Centre.
Lady Jakobovits speaks with Mrs. Hindy Lew who runs Vista Training which is now housed in the Lubavitch Children's Centre.
A modern computer room for Vista Training, a provider of vocational training for adults and older adolescents in North London.
Lubavitch Girl's Primary School exhibits students' work at its annual Geography Fair
Lubavitch Primary schoolgirls meet Lady Jakobovits at the school's Geography Fair.

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[All Pictures by Katherine Gorman]