Kosher Food

kosher.jpg Eating is, as everyone knows, a profoundly Jewish activity. However, there is a deeper side to it.

When a Jew eats, a spiritual interaction is taking place, which involves the whole of existence. There is a Divine energy in the food, and when one eats the food and then uses that energy in order to serve G‑d through observance of the Mitzvot, a cosmic cycle is completed.

For this reason, explain chassidic teachings, the question of the kashrut of food is not only a matter of Jewish tradition and life-style, but is something with immense significance for the individual eating and for his or her role in the world. Kosher food is - for spiritual reasons - 'fit' (the literal meaning of 'kosher') to be part of this universal process, non-kosher food is not.

Chabad is strongly committed to help Jews observe the laws of kashrut properly. Chabad offers a free kashering service to help Jewish families families and individuals to start keeping kosher in their homes. Wherever necessary, the local Chabad-Lubavitch centre endeavors to stock kosher food.