Own a Letter in a Torah Scroll

There are 613 Commandments in the Torah. The very last one is the Mitzvah to write a Torah Scroll.

The Sages tell us this can be accomplished by "buying" a letter in a Torah Scroll which is being written.

Perhaps one is being written in your community. A beautiful idea is the writing of Torah Scrolls in Jerusalem on behalf of Jewish children worldwide: boys and girls under Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

A letter in the Children's Sefer Torah costs $1 (65p). The child receives a beautiful certificate with his or her name and the name of the Sedra in which their letter is found.

There are 304,805 letters in a Scroll. In 1996 the fourth Children's Sefer Torah was commenced - meaning over a million children already have a letter.

The Torah joins all the separate letters, and they become one unit: the holy Torah. Whether a child or an adult, having a letter in the Sefer Torah expresses our being part of the unity of the entire Jewish people. A Torah from which even one letter is missing cannot be used. So every single one of us is needed, man, woman and child.

Do you have your letter? Get one today from your local Chabad House, or fill in our online application form. To apply by mail please contact:

Rabbi Yossi Simon

Address: Childrens Sefer Torah
Jewish Family Centre
132 Golders Green Rd
London  NW11

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