In their annual tradition of creative Menorah displays, the Chabad Centre in Buckhurst Hill, UK has featured a 6 ft. tall Doughnut Menorah containing 380 doughnuts in 9 different colors this year.

Built by Alan Grant, the Menorah was highly anticipated by the community, who over the last few years have seen a Coin Menorah, Whisky Menorah, Can Menorah, Recycled phones Menorah and Chocolate Menorah.

Rabbi Odom Brandman, director of the Chabad Centre, said “Chanukah is such a happy time of year and it was amazing to see the community come out in great numbers to support this fantastic event. Chanukah is a time to spread light, warmth and community spirit and these events go a long way in encouraging this spirit in people.”

Since their arrival in Buckhurst Hill 7 years ago, Rabbi Odom and Henny Brandman have worked to ensure that there has been a Public Menorah at the top of Queens Road in Buckhurst Hill, however various complications have meant that an electricity source had not been made available to them until this year. Cllr Gavin Chambers, the new Chairman of the Parish Council was extremely keen to get this sorted for the community and with the help of Cllr Neil Cohen assured the community it would be sorted for this Chanukah – and it was!

To celebrate the availability of the electricity source Rabbi Brandman felt it was the right time to commission a new Menorah. Also built by Alan Grant and dedicated by Adrian Silas and Karen Levy in memory of their dear parents Aaron Silas and Arlette Kreeger, a new Menorah was built in time and currently stands proudly at the top of Queens Road, and for each night of Chanukah the lights will be lit. Rabbi Brandman explains "each night an additional light is lit until the 8th night when the whole Menorah is lit, this signifies that we should always seek to add in good things and good deeds."

Over 200 people came to the Annual Public Menorah Lighting on Sunday at the top of Queens Rd. Following the lighting everybody was invited back to the Bedford House Hall where there were Arts & Crafts for the children, a Popcorn Machine, toy crane machine, ice your own doughnuts activity and lots of refreshments and hot soup for all to enjoy.

This was followed by the lighting of the doughnut Menorah. The doughnuts were made by Neil Cohen with the help of his wife Alison and other ladies from the community.

The team started off at 9am on the day of the event didn’t stop until just before the guests arrived at 6pm! Close to 1000 doughnuts were made, 380 of which were iced to different colored icing and sprinkles to decorate the Menorah. The rest were for the event for everyone to enjoy and share with their families and friends after the celebrations.

This was another amazing event from Chabad Buckhurst Hill which runs services and events for the community throughout the year.